The strength of KFK Seasonings Food Service Division is our ability to help distributors meet the diverse needs of the wide variety of restaurant customers, as well as the needs of schools, hospitals, and other commercial kitchens.  We're equipped to help you handle them all.  And we're prepared to deliver exactly what's needed to help suit each of these customers' individual needs.

Starting with consistent, quality products.  From Seattle to Miami, and everywhere in between, you and your customers can count on us to deliver nothing but the best every time, and deliver it on-time as well.  Helping you to provide your customer the kind of service that keeps them coming back time and time again.

We understand the varied needs and wants of restauranteurs, from fine dining establishments to nationwide fast food chains. Our highly skilled food technologists are capable of creating blends that meet the highest standards.  Our full staff of research and development specialists are ready and waiting to help you create that special seasoning for your own signature dish.

In addition to our standard PC1,PC3 and PC5 container, as well as our custom packaging, batch packing is available.  Helping to assure that every meal prepared in every location will be exact and to the highest standards.  Regardless of size, we package only the finest seasonings, and the utmost care is taken in every step of the packaging process. Private label programs are also available.

Our entire Food Service Division is committed to providing you the highest quality products and services, and helping you to pass along the same levels of quality and service to your customers.  Tight deadlines are never a problem.  Timely deliveres are available all across North America.  And working together we'll do whatever it takes to build the partnerships that lead to success.


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