At KFK Seasonings, our Bulk and Blend division treats every request with individual attention.  Whether it's a bulk order or a complex, customized blend, our commmitment to freshness and quality is always top priority.  That's why every request is blended and packaged to order ensuring the highest levels of freshness and quality.

A full staff of experienced research and development specialists work on site at our Portland headquarters.  Using the latest equipment and technology they create some of the most flavorful, specialized blends using the finest ingredients from around the world.  Our team of buyers assist in this process by keeping an eye out for the new components to help you set your finished products apart from the competition.

Have an existing blend. KFK can match it. We're highly adept at matching existing blends.  Our full-service laboratory staff can conduct tests of existing blends to equate aroma, apperance, flavor, potency or almost any quality.  And final results are guaranteed to be a match.

All product blending is done right at Portland headquarters to the exacting specifications of our customers using state of the art equipment. 

Best of all, the service you'll receive as a customer at KFK Seasonings is second to none.  Tight deadlines are consistently met without compromise.  And timely deliveries are available all across North America.  When you put your trust in KFK Seasonings, we'll work together to build a partnership leading to success.



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