Relationships have always been an integral part of the spice business. Consider the language barriers and great distances spices have navigated over the years. At KFK Seasonings, we respect the tradition that enables us to do business today. We value every partnership as if it has existed for the hundreds of years since the spice trade began, and we look forward to creating the strategic partnerships that will lead to many years of future successes.

KFK Seasonings was founded with the vision of providing first class seasonings and blending products and services to institutions and processors across the country. Our senior executive group brings over 125 years of combined experience in seasonings, manufacturing and distribution to food processors.

KFK features state of the art blending capabilities, with capacities ranging from 300 lb. to truckload quantities. Portion pack sizing from 1 pound to super sacks. Formulation and technical services are available though our professional staff of in house food technologists.

To ensure we always have the finest, most authentic varieties, we have full service R&D/QC laboratory facilities on site at our Portland, Oregon headquarters. Rigorous testing is performed on every shipment of product that passes through our doors to ensure the highest levels of purity and freshness are met.

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